The New & Improved Willette Fine Art Site!

I’m excited that I’ve nearly completed building my new site for Willette Fine Art.  I used WordPress, Elegant Themes and a bit of specialized help from Velvet Blues design in Chicago.

So what to write about for my first blog post? How about the most recently completed War Pony. A Medicine Hat horse painted and photographed on the Blackfeet Reservation in Browning, Montana. I think that word – Montana – is about the best looking word there is in print. Fantastic state too. On my way to the shoot I stopped in Medora, ND at  Teddy Roosevelt National Park, home to a herd of wild horses. I had been there in the Spring, loved it and wanted to get back for a shoot when the grasses were mature and the babies had grown some. The opportunity to see horses that live independently of human involvement in the wild is a wonderful experience and made even better by the topography of the park. To me it’s a cross between the Badlands and the Black Hills – beautiful and complete with Bison and Prairie Dogs too!

Here’s the first photo of the trip shot in the park of this beautiful, powerful stallion shortly after sunrise.

color image of wild horse stallion

Medora Stallion